December 2013

Asbestos Exposure – Mesothelioma Explained

Mesothelioma is an aggressive type of cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos.  The Mesothelioma Bill is set to make it easier for workers to claim compensation. There are thousands of sufferers in the UK who (along with their dependants) will be entitled to compensation from a £350 million fund in the next decade or so.  Those eligible will include employees diagnosed after 25 July, 2012 who are unable to sue former employers who have gone out of business.

Asbestos Disposal For Dummies

Asbestos disposal is a confusing issue for many householders in the UK – we all know that asbestos is a dangerous substance that must be handled carefully, following the correct procedures.  With asbestos present in so many buildings that were constructed before its ban in the UK in 1999, many homeowners need to consider the possibility that asbestos is present when they undertake any refurbishments or repair work.

How To Identify Asbestos In Your Home

Nobody in the UK these days can be unaware of the potential dangers of asbestos, there’s plenty of information available.  However, how do you identify asbestos and discover if you have asbestos in your home?  Asbestos was commonly used in building materials right up until it was banned in the UK in 1999.  Even worse, asbestos was also used in many household products, so we’re taking a look at the most common uses of asbestos so that you can identify whether asbestos poses a health risk to you and your family.

Advantages Of Asbestos Awareness Training For Small Businesses

Although we’ve been aware of the dangers of asbestos for many years, the use of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) was not banned in the UK until 1999.  This means that even modern buildings (any building constructed or refurbished before the year 200) may contain ACMs and present a risk to workers and contractors.

Employers have a legal requirement to protect employees who work in these buildings on an everyday basis.  Any refurbishment or remodelling plans need to take ACMs into consideration.

5 Unusual Uses For Asbestos That You Need To Know About

Asbestos has been in the news so much in recent years and we all know that it’s a dangerous substance that can cause serious health problems leading to disability and death.  However, as mentioned in a previous blog post, asbestos is not a modern substance; it’s been around seemingly throughout history.

Asbestos has had some really unusual applications and we’re taking a look today at some of the more surprising uses for asbestos that you may not have heard about.